DC330MINIflex Compact Full Feature Converting

DC330MINIflex Compact Full Feature Converting

The compact full feature choice. Powerful yet economic finishing line with the smart essential options like GM Automatic Slitting Station and turret rewinder.
The flex is prepared for in-line operation with all major digital presses. The MINIflex adds full flexibility to the market-leading compact finisher DC330MINI.
By adding a fully customizable section the MINIflex offers the widest possible portfolio of special features.

  • GM Automatic Slitting Station option
  • GM Web advance for fast roll change option
  • GM Semi-automatic Turret option
  • GM Productivity Pack option
  • Up to 72 m/min full-rotary and 65 m/min semi-rotary
  • Fully customizable for individual needs
Specifications Metric Imperial
Web width 50 - 330 mm 2 - 13”
Substrate  50 - 200 µm  
Die Station
Semi-rotary speed 45 m/min (65*) 148 ft/min (213*)
Full-rotary speed  72 m/min 236 ft/min
Die plate size (repeat) 50 - 558,8 mm 2 - 22”
Diameter max. Ø500 mm 19.7”
Core diameter 25 - 152 mm 1 - 6"
Diameter max. Ø700 mm 27.6”
Core diameter 76,2 or 152,4 mm 3 or 6"
Flexo Station
Cylinder size (Cliché) 228 - 482,5 mm 9 - 19”
Spot varnish option (digital sensor register control)
Slitting Station
Knife Type Pneumatic crush, shear or razor knife
Minimum distance crush 12,7 mm 0,5
Minimum distance shear (manual setup) 10 mm 0.4"
Power/Air  3x400V+N+PE, 32A, 6 bar
Dimensions (WxDxH) 3,2m x 1,4m x 2,0m 
   * with Productivity Pack.


The DC330FB is designed for the high quality combination printing required in wine and spirits labels.

Provides UV flexo-varnish, die-cutting, slit and rewind on one single compact platform.

The DC330NANO is the most compact unit in GM’s series of label finishing machines.

GM offers a range of semi-automatic turret rewinds for HP INDIGO and XEIKON digital presses.