EB30 is an integrated module that features an unwinder (LUW30) varnish/lamination station and a rewinder (LRW30) designed to run in-line with ebeam systems for curing a substrate. It is also designed as a stand-alone unwinder, varnish station and rewinder system. It is a microcontroller controlled system that integrates its four component units in an e cient way and allow easy modi cation of the unit.

It has a user-friendly touch screen interface that allows the operator to operate the machine in an easy and e cient way. The machine has an enhanced taper tension control algorithm that ensures that excellent rolls are made.

  • Outstanding ink protection and excellent gloss matte and soft-touch finishes
  • Increased heat resistance enables heat sealing to form pouches
  • No harmful photoinitiators
    Cross-linking thin-film laminating adhesives
  • Room temperature process, great for heat sensitive substrates
  • High process efficiency: instant curing, no post-process storage needed
Specifications Metric Imperial
Web width 762 mm 30"
Substrate  50 - 200 µm  
Substrate  72 m/min  
Unwind max. Ø500 mm 20"
Rewind max. Ø500 mm 20"
Core diameter 76,2 mm 3"
Flexo Station

Varnishing roller

228 - 406 mm 9 - 19"

Spot varnish option with registration and slow run



Power / Air

3x400V+N+PE, 16A, 5 bar



The UC500 coating line is a universal coating/priming unit. It comes as an inline or offline version.

Coater with lamination and flexo varnish. Single unit in-line or off-line converting for digital workflows.