Rustung Etiketter AB invest in DC330MINI-FLEX

Rustung Etiketter AB invest in DC330MINI-FLEX

Swedish label printer Rustung Etiketter AB has chosen to accompany its Durst digital press with a GM DC330MINI-FLEX converting line.
GM congratulates Rustung Etiketter AB with choosing the market's most powerful compact converting system for self-adhesive labels.

Rustung Etiketter AB with GM DC330MINIflex

Operator Jesper Huss-Balkstedt and Carl Sape, owner and CEO at Rustung Etiketter AB.


This 100% Inspection Machine offers a compact footprint (2m) and ergonomic design.

We are happy to announce that the global label company, MCC Multi Color Corp's devision Collotype Its chilean devision, has incorporated one of our machines : DC330MINI.