Freeze the image and inspect labels at high speed

The strobe lights are specially designed to the label industry for inspection of printed labels or for inspection in connection with rewinding, length slitting etc.

The line of stroboscopes includes models with 8W or 30W bulbs (the 8W-system is mostly used for web widths up to 200mm and the 30W-system – which emits considerably more light – for wider lanes.

With the varied range of photo cells and lamps the stroboscopes are easily installed and can be made without support of a technician, as all connections are with plugs.



Specifications Metric
Lamp power 30 Watt or 8 Watt  
Max. lamp frequency 120 Hz  
Power  220/110 V AC 50/60 Hz  
Web width 110mm - 330mm  
Size (HxWxD): 90 x 215 x 255 mm  
Weight 2.5 kg  
Power consumption  max. 70 watt