RL Roll Lifter

RL Roll Lifter

The RL roll lifters are mobile, hydraulic lifting units for handling of paper rolls from storage area to printing press.
The RL-line includes four models RL7, RL11, RL14 and RL14EL with different lifting heights and manual or automatic lifting. The RL roll lifter unit consists of a solidly welded frame, two fixed front wheels and two revolvable rear wheels. The distance between the front wheels has been adjusted to enable them to go under an EUR pallet.

The RL 7/11/14 are designed with a foot operated hydraulic pump and gear train for easy lifting and lowering in the RL14EL this is done by an electric actuator. The support shaft is fitted with ball bearings on the top side and can easily be replaced by a yoke which is applied when the roll including the shaft is to be lifted from a machine.

The RL14EL which is the automatic roll lifter is supplied with a remote controller the Lifting and lowering function is made by means of an electrical actuator.

The RT-line is a simple and inexpensive roll turner designed to be mounted in an electric crane for lifting and easy turning of paper rolls from horizontal into vertical position. The RT can place the paper roll directly in the rewind or unwind section of a slitter or a printing press.



Specifications Metric
Lifting height 20 - 1700 mm  
Max. roll weight  160 - 350 kg  
Lifting system Electric or manual hydraulic foot pump   
Weight 80 - 110 kg  


A simple, practical and cost efficient roll turner available with various options.

Strong electro-hydralic roll lifters for efficient roll handling

Strong electro-hydralic roll lifters for efficient roll handling 


Motorised roll lifter/roll turner enabling rolls to be taken down from a pallet