KU200 Roll Lifter

KU200 Electro-hydraulic Roll Lifter

Mobile electric/hydraulic roll lifters/roll turners. All models are available with remote control and are equipped with an expansion mandrel and a roll holder preventing telescoping of the roll. Max. roll weight 200 kg. A laterally movable lever arm is standard on the KU200.


The KU-series are hydraulic roll lifters/roll turners to enable production rolls to be taken down from a pallet, turn them from horizontal into vertical position and place them either on the floor or directly in the rewind/unwind section of the machine where the roll is to be handled. All models have the possibility for a laterally mover able arm and remote control.


  • Centre mandrel Ø70mm
  • Adapter from Ø70/76mm (~2.8/3.0 in) to Ø152,4mm (~6.0 in) centre mandrel
  • Long pressing plates (clamps) for holding soft, special materials or wide rolls. In that case, the maximum clearance height is reduced by 100mm and the minimum roll width is increased by 100mm only applies to KU200.
  • Extension (for centre mandrel) for wide rolls (The minimum roll width is reduced to 180mm)  
Specifications Metric  
Core diameter  76mm  
Expansion mandrel Yes  
Roll clamp Double  
Turning motor Hydraulic  
Laterally moverable arm Yes  
Motorized No  
Battery charger Built-in  
Energy meter Yes  
Battery [AH] 2x12V/40AH  
Dimension (HxWxL)  1,8 x 0,5 x 1,5 m  
Weight 245Kg (539 lbs)