LA330 Slitter-rewinder floor model

High performance rotary slitter. The LA330 Slitter-Rewinding has been designed for especially demanding rewind jobs of high quality. The one-way rewinder has web tension control, active web guide and a splice table with pneumatic splice clamps. It offers step less tension setting on each rewind. The rewinder is equipped with air expansion mandrels with sleeves easily exchangeable to other sizes. The rewinder can be set at rewinding label-in or label-out, and many functions are set and defined by touch display.


The LA330 slitter-rewinder is prepared for mounting of inkjet or code systems as well as stroboscopes or vision systems. The slitter system can be either blade, rotary or crush based. The machine can be fitted with a lamination nip. In this configuration the top rewind is used to unwind a self-adhesive lamination foil.

Specifications Metric Imperial
Speed 150m/min  
Web width  330mm (other sizes on request)  
Web guide Fife with ultrasonic fork  
Unwind 600mm standard. 800mm unwind optional 3"
Rewind 500mm standard Dual 3"