The LA330-LAM from Grafisk Maskinfabrik offers the ideal solution to finish the job. The machine is a multipurpose module, which acts as a stand-alone rewinder with inspection, splice table and optional length slitting possibilities.


The LA330 will synchronize to the speed of the press with a dancer arm that also gives the possibility to adjust the web tension between the press and the LA330. After the dancer arm the web goes over the Drive roller, which pushes the Web trough the knives system and the web is divided. The LA330 has a potential max. speed of 150m/min and runs standard at 32m/min.

The machine can operate both as a slitter-rewinder and as a laminating machine for self-adhesive laminate. It features a special rubber coated laminating nip that ensures curl/wrinkle free lamination.

The machine has an easy to use touch panel and features step-less electronic tension on both unwind and rewind spindles. A Fife web guide with ultrasonic sensor is fitted as standard. The web guide has a build-in splice table with two air controlled clamps. There are many possible options to the machine; rotary knife box, razor blade system, inkjet head etc.

The rewinder is equipped with air expansion mandrels with sleeves easily exchangeable to other sizes. The rewinder can be set at rewinding label-in or label-out, and many functions are set and de ned by touch display.

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Specifications Metric Imperial
Speed 32m/min standard
(150m/min on request)
Web width 330mm (1ft.)
(Other sizes on request)
Web guide Fife with ultrasonic fork
Unwind 600mm standard.
800mm unwind optional
Rewind 500mm standard Dual 3”
Rewind torque 10 - 100 Nm adjustable on front panel.
Web tension press 5N-20N adjustable in the machine
Max. roll size Ø=250mm 9,8”
Power 230 VAC 6A 50/60Hz and PE RCCB that breaks
at a leakage current of 300mA.
Air supply 5–6 bar (72-87 psi) >20L/min (5gal/min)
Weight 700Kg
Dimensions (LxWxH)

1213mm x 1030mm x 1565mm

47.7” x 40,5” x 61.6”


The DC330FB is designed for the high quality combination printing required in wine and spirits labels.

Provides UV flexo-varnish, die-cutting, slit and rewind on one single compact platform.

The DC330NANO is the most compact unit in GM’s series of label finishing machines.

GM offers a range of semi-automatic turret rewinds for HP INDIGO and XEIKON digital presses.