GM Automatic Slitting Station

GM Automatic Slitting Station

With the new automatic slitting station from GM, you can set your slitting knives in three different ways: Fill in the table on the touchscreen with the size of your labels, scan the generated barcode or simply reload an existing job from the harddrive. Then simply press "Place" on the touchscreen and the automatic slitting station will set the knives according to your request in a matter of seconds. Setting four knives takes approximately 20 seconds.

The automatic slitting station is optional on all new DC330's, DC350 and can also be retrofitted on existing DC330 units. Contact GM for automatic slitting options on others machines.


Setting the slitting knives on a digital finishing line is one of the most time consuming jobs carried out by the operator.

Now the operator can simply press a button to setup the knifes. The knifes can be set up from an existing job, loading a file, entering manual dimensions or by scanning a barcode print- ed by the digital press.

The automatic slitting station automatically positions the slitting blades, saving hours of make-ready times each week on short run jobs.

The GM automatic slitting station is currently one of the only stations in the market support- ing both shear slitting and razor slitting in the same unit. The unit has a large magazine holding up to 16 blades.

Existing customers can enjoy the modular concept of the GM machines. All existing finishing units from GM are compatible with the auto slitting system and can easily be upgraded.

Specifications Metric Imperial
Web width 350 mm 13.8”
Substrate 50 - 200 µm 2-8 pt.
Knife type Rotating shear. Optionally razor blade.
Minimum distance between knives 20 mm 0.8”
Number of knives 3 (default) / 16 max.
Setup Barcode, Key in, Manual
Setup time 8 seconds / knife
Size (WxHxD) 289 x 425 x 1030 mm