DC350 High-end modular converting line for labels

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Premium label finishing with the DC350

  • Maximum modularity
  • Automated production
  • Non-stop finishing
  • Multiple embellishment options
  • Sustainable operation
  • Online support and diagnostics
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Also available in 550 mm web width version



The GM DC350 takes label production to the next level, with highly automated, super-fast converting.

Featuring high-speed, semi-rotary varnishing and die-cutting as standard, this modular platform can be upgraded easily with value-added options including multilayer labels, laser cutter, hot foil, screen-printing modules and much more.

The DC350 combines our continuous R&D with proven product features and is fully compatible with all major digital presses for trouble-free inline converting.
Configure your converting line to exact specifications with:

  • Jumbo roll unwinder with integrated roll lift
  • SmartFlexo – semi-rotary flexo station(s)
  • SmartLoad – automatic flexible die changing system
  • Double Speed Die module – running at up to 140 m/min
  • SmartStrip – servo-controlled waste matrix stripping and rewinding
  • SmartLam – multilayer option for peel & reveal labels
  • SmartSlit – automatic knife positioning system
  • SmartCrush – ultra-quick set crush knife system
  • SmartTurret – servo-controlled automatic turret rewinder
  • Hot foil and screen-printing modules
  • Web-advance for fast roll change

The GM DC350 platform was born to be modular, so if the market changes, new modules can be retrofitted quickly. Even third-party technology, such as a digital inkjet module, can be integrated for true hybrid production.



Laser module

GM Laser module

Ideal for short run, on-demand production, the GM laser cuts a wide range of substrates and can be added to existing systems in just a few days. With minimal spot size and optimized wavelength, the laser’s melting edge is minimised to eliminate burn marks. The module can be fully connected to the cloud and integrate into your MIS for automated workflow. Optional QR barcode reader enables hands-free automated job changes.


GM Smart Flexo

Add 1, 2, or 3 flexo modules to the configuration for more value-adding options. Modules can be configured as semi-rotary or full rotary re-register groups and are designed for flood varnishing, cold foiling or printing of specific colours.

Hot foiling

GM Hot Foil & Embossing module

The 50-ton hot foil module uses multiple foil streams and features a turning tower for the largest possible design options. This all-in-one solution enables embossing and foiling in one process. It comes with built-in foil saver and electronic temperature control, while the dwell time and speed can be precisely adjusted digitally.


 GM Screen Print module

Essential for the production of wine labels and other high-value labels, the servo-driven precision flatbed screen-printing unit can add high-build varnishes, print custom spot colours, create scratch-off effects and much more. The module can be equipped with cost-effective and widely available frames and features a large reflector UV lamp for fast and effective drying. Multiple screen-printing heads can be fitted on each line.


GM Die Cut module 

The semi-rotary die-cutting module sits at the heart of our finishing lines. As standard, it comes with auto-register and plate distortion adjustment for full use of older plate inventory. Optionally, it can be equipped with a plate loader and automatic GapMaster functionality. The die has a standard stroke of up to 25” supporting even the biggest labels. The standard unit can be replaced with our Double Speed Die module, which has a max speed of 140 m/min. Conventional waste matrix stripping and rewinding can be upgraded to the GM SmartStrip servo-controlled system.


GM Dual Rewinder

In short-run production, the operator spends a lot of time at the rewinding station, so we have given this area special attention adding stepless tension and easy to use quick-change mode with pneumatic airshafts. The rewinding section can be configured with a standard dual rewinder or a turret rewinder. In turret rewinding mode, there is the option of semi-automatic (operator web cutting) or fully automatic (automated cutting). With a changeover time of less than 10 seconds, this is one of the fastest systems on the market.

Longford Booklet Feeder

    Longford Booklets Feeder

Integrating a high-speed surge feeder module is an ideal solution for booklet labels, coupon labels and label-on-label processing with various sizes and formats. This feeds booklets to a pinch point of the finishing system at speeds of up to 35,000 pieces per hour.

Technical Specifications
Specifications Metric Imperial
Web width 50 – 350 mm – 14”
Substrate thickness 50 – 200 μm – 8 pt.
Die Station
Semi-rotary speed 80 m/min 262 ft/min
Full-rotary speed 130 m/min 426 ft/min
Die plate size  50.8 – 558.8 mm – 22”
Reel diameter on internal unwind max. 1000 mm 39.4”
Unwind max weight 350 kg 770 lbs
Diameter max on dual shaft rewind 700 mm 27.5”
Diameter max on turret 450 mm 17.5”
Core diameter 76.2 mm 3”
Flexo Station
Print cylinder size 254 – 482.6 mm 10 – 19”
Spot varnish option with registration and slow run
Slitting Station
Knife Type: Pneumatic crush, razor, SmartCrush, shear, SmartSlit
   Minimum distance crush/razor 12.7 mm 0.5
   Max number of crush/razor knives 14
Minimum distance SmartCrush 30 mm 1.2”
Max number of SmartCrush knives 11
   Minimum distance shear  10 mm 0.4
   Max number of shear knives  
Minimum distance SmartSlit – autoslitter 20 mm 0.8
Max number of knives 16
Power / Air  3x400V+N+PE, 32A, 6 bar
Size (WxDxH) 5.9 x 2.3 x 1.7m  19.4 x 7.4 x 5.5 ft
Exhaust  Ø100 mm, 800 m3/h, external.

Please contact us for DC550 specifications details


GM Smart Options:


GM SmartStrip ensures trouble-free operation when converting delicate substrates and complex label shapes at high speed.


GM SmartSlit automatically positions up to 16 knives in just two minutes, saving valuable time on short-run jobs.


GM SmartCrush offers ultra-quick and precise setting of each crush knife – while the machine is running.


GM SmartLam enables production of multilayer labels for pharmaceutical, chemical and nutraceutical label applications and more.

Watch DC350 with HP Indigo press: