LR11T Inspection Rewinder

LR11T Inspection Rewinder

The LR11T is a two-way table top rewinder with web tension control for fast rewinding of labels. The machine is available as a simple rewinder with no inspection and as an inspection rewinder with missing label and missing matrix detection. 

  • Operation and settings are controlled on a touch screen in the local language
  • Available both as an inspection rewinder as well as a simple rewinder without inspection
  • Web tension control
Specifications Metric Imperial
Built-in label counter One preselection and five digits  
Optional inspection equipment
For detection of missing labels or waste  
Max. unwind diameter
Ø300 - 500 mm subject to web width
 11.8 - 19.7"
Max. rewind diameter
Ø300 - 400 mm subject to web width
11.8 - 15.7"
Max. web width
110 mm
Max. speed
250 - 350 m/min
820 - 1148 ft/min
Dimensions (LxWxH)
1,1 x 0,7 x 0,4 m  
187 lbs
Power 200 - 240V+N+PE, 3A.  


The LRN25T rewinding and inspection unit is designed especially for demanding rewind jobs of high quality.

The LRFT25 rewinders are vertical table top models with splicing table and two motor controllers

The IR330 series machines are fully compliant with all pharmaceutical and security inspection demands