The P160LC s a manual and easy to use core cutter. Long experience with manufacturing of core cutters has resulted in the development of a unique product giving high priority to service friendliness and production speed.

The P160LC is an entry-level model designed with low price in mind. Despite its low price it is still compatible with the tooling on the bigger PNT/PNTS models. This means that adapters can be reused in case of an upgrade.

The cutting on the P160LC is done using a steel disc knife against a nylon anvil. This prolongs the knife life while retaining a good cutting quality. A ruler on end stop makes it easy for the operator to adjust the cut length.


• Sensor making the initial cut unnecessary
• Basic machine includes one 3” / 76 mm adapter and anvil
• Simple robust design ensures easy service and long lifespan
• Nylon anvil prolongs knife life
• Build-in ruler makes cutting length adjustment quick and easy
• Integrated safety handle keep operators hands away from knife blade
• Cutting of cores with a diameter from 12.7 up to 153 mm (6”) and a wall thickness of up to 15 mm (0.6”)

Specifications Metric Imperial
Cutting speed Up to 10 cuts/min, subject to core size and material  
Core diameter 12.7 – 152.4 mm
(one adapter set for each diameter)
0.5 - 6"
Core length Up to 1600 mm Up to 63”
Material thickness Up to 15 mm Up to 0.59”
Power 3x400V+PE, 10A  
Dimensions 1.9 x 0.5 x 1.5 m