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Technical support hotline 
General support, GM Headquarters, +45-4581 2300 (Mon-Fri., 09:00 - 16:00, +1 GMT)

Tech email:  Send Email

For GEW tech support 24/7:  +44-1737824510

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Service engineer assistance price list here


Xeikon PMR roller modification download here

Spare Part Lists

DC330 Spare Part Drawings:

DC500 Spare Part Drawings:

  • Magnetic die cylinder download here
  • Gear wheel download here


Print Cylinder Drawings:


  • Cliche roller assembly download here
  • Anilox roller download here
  • Gear wheel for print roller & anilox download here
  • Print- and ductor roller download here
  • Silencer mounting download here


  • Cliché roller production download here
  • Print- and ductor roller download here
  • Anilox roller download here
  • Anilox/Ductor/Print roller order form download here
  • Varnish guide download here


Flatbed Screen and Hotstamp


RL Roll Lifters


Unwinders and Rewinders

Operating Instructions for PMS Large Unwinding machine (LUW)

Core cutter PNT series 3-4
Manual including spare part drawings (series 3-4) 2008 and forward. Here
Guide to different core cutter knife types here 

Sheeter ETV330 D-E

  • Manual including spare part drawings (series E onwards) 2011 forward. Here
  • Guide for shimming(sharpening) the knife here.
  • Knife adjustment here.

Vetaphone Corona Support Guides:

  • Adjusting the height of the ceramic electrodes here.
  • Fixing the supporting bolts here.
  • Error E-3 and error E-5 tips here. (E-5: caused by flashover can be disabled in software. E-3: caused by a cracked rod.)


  • Wiring diagram for a cable from Schneider Servo to Galil Motion Controller board, here.

Guide to backscore knives Here

LC330 / DC330 Hybrid laser

Guide/example on tiles. Download job here


Auto Knife Measurements

Automatic Knife Station Manual



DC330 manual (including spare part list, maintenance list, installation guide)

DC330/MINI/NANO/XP check die bridge bearing holders

DC330 upgrade manual to spot varnish

DC330 layout

DC500 layout

DC500 Offline

Servo troubleshooting guide

LUW500 manual 

XRN500 manual

XRN - Get more tension out from XRN

Training documentation 2013

Tech note - hydraulic system LUW/LRW

Air spindle repair guide

How to adjust the heating plate holders on GM hotstamp

Laser-exhaust guide

Guide to subs - quality

Guide to download from a USB stick to touch screen

Plate cylinder size calculator

PNT(Core cutter) - Guide for quick start-up tips.

PNT Stepper Motor Wire Diagram

PNT(Core cutter) - Stepper motor wiring diagram.

Cold foil guide

XRN Nip Module Change

WMR User and Service Manual


Tech videos: