IKONPRINT installs GM Semi-automatic Turret Rewinder

IKONPRINT installs GM Semi-automatic Turret Rewinder

Danish printer IKONPRINT has installed the GM Semi-automatic Turret Rewinder on their DC330.

The Semi-automatic Turret Rewinder is easy to prepare and set up. It is the ideal machine for long production runs with small roll sizes of rewinding standard self-adhesive labels. The unit only halts for a few seconds while the turret indexes and new cores are applied while the unit is still running. This fast changeover keeps the time the operator spends changing cores at an absolute minimum.

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Picture: CEO at IKONPRINT, Thomas Nielsen.


This 100% Inspection Machine offers a compact footprint (2m) and ergonomic design.

We are happy to announce that the global label company, MCC Multi Color Corp's devision Collotype Its chilean devision, has incorporated one of our machines : DC330MINI.