DC330Mini custom version arrives to Australia

DC330Mini custom version arrives to Australia

Supa Stik Labels from Australia installs DC330Mini in custom version

The Australian company, which is a part of Multi-Color Group, has chosen DC330Mini in extended version to operate inline with their HP Indygo digital label press. To fulfill our client's demands the length of DC330Mini has been reduced without loosing any finishing options and equipped with two flexo varnish units. 

The UV-flexo units for adding a high gloss or matte varnish effect are specified for high-end embellishment of labels, not only to provide reflectivity, but to create contrast to make a logo or icon stand out. Spot varnish option with servo registration system allows the varnish station to re-register on to pre-printed web and is ideal to apply cold-foil print or spot colors in register. Together with a buffer connecting it with Indigo, the finisher is only 4,8 meters long, which allows to save space in production area.

We are proud that Supa Stik again have chosen our solution because it testifies to the confidence to the highest quality solutions offered by GM.

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