April News From Grafisk Maskinfabrik

April News From Grafisk Maskinfabrik

New DC350MINIflex, DC550 and more

Dear Reader,

We are very happy to introduce the latest GM converting machine - the DC350MINIflex. This is a super-efficient and economical compact finisher - with the best components of the DC350 Premium Finishing Line. 

In this newsletter, you can also see our newest GM Tech Talk videos explaining Cast and Cure process, showing GM Label Hole Maker and DC550 Converting Line. 

We want you to know that we are committed to offering continuity of services and production during the COVID-19 pandemic. Production, technical support and supply spare parts are maintained at the normal level.

Stay safe, Best Regards,
GM team.



The DC350MINIflex is a natural continuation of DC330MINIflex and at the same time the new member of DC350 line. It has been designed with semi-rotation in varnish, die cutting, slitting and dual rewind as standard and can be upgraded with value options like spot varnish, cold foil, lamination, SmartSlit or SmartCrush slitting, SmartStrip and more.

The GM SmartFlexo station flower style with semi-rotation allows for format free print with only one cliché cylinder and with registration system for spot varnish and cold foil print. Another GM Smart module – the GM SmartStrip ensures trouble-free operation even while converting delicate substrates and complex label shapes at high speed. The rewinding section can be upgraded with GM Semi Automatic Turret which allows shorter runs to be produced both quickly and more efficiently.

The new MINIflex works inline with all major digital presses, offering label printers a complete and versatile solution for high volume digital printing. The 350mm web width allows the machine to be combined with digital presses with a larger print width and thus opens new possibilities for label converters.

Please visit the GM website for more information. 
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GM Cast and cure 

What Cast'n'cure is about? What types of foil can be used? How to get the super gloss,
soft matt touch or holographic effects using label converting machine? Watch the video...


GM Label Hole Maker 

Watch the video and see how we make labels with holes in, using laser die-cutter and
the special module that removes the waste stickers from the web. 


GM DC550 Converting Line

Get the best in fast and automated converting in 550 mm web width. Build with semi-rotation
in varnish and die-cutting as standard. Upgrade with value options...