Add raised varnish or fine signatur print to your labels

The SC330 screen printing unit from Grafisk Maskinfabrik has a printing area of 330mm(width) x 304,8mm(length) and is designed and engineered to perform screen-printing of the highest quality possible on flexible materials. After printing, the ink drying is undertaken by UV-curing(GEW). The SC330 is compatible with tooling (screens) from existing equipment.

Preparing and setting up the SC330 is very simple and fast, which makes this machine suitable to complete even very short runs. Apart from being a cost-efficient alternative to rotary printing due to the low costs of mesh and frame, screen-printing also has several other advantages e.g. easy set-up and less waste.



Specifications Metric Imperial
Frame size 660mm x 500mm  
Frame type 30mm x 30mm alu frame  
Web unwind and rewind 3 pneumatic.    Ø500mm
Web width 110mm - 330mm  
Speed 4000/h impressions or 7-15m/min  
Power 3x 400V, 16A 50-60Hz. HPFI>350mA  
Air supply 5Bar (72.5 psi)  
Exhaust to outside required    


The DC330FB is designed for the high quality combination printing required in wine and spirits labels.

Provides UV flexo-varnish, die-cutting, slit and rewind on one single compact platform.

The DC330NANO is the most compact unit in GM’s series of label finishing machines.

GM offers a range of semi-automatic turret rewinds for HP INDIGO and XEIKON digital presses.