DC500 Wide Web Semi-rotary Finishing

The DC500 offers maximum flexibility with fast and easy job changes between 330mm and 500mm web. The DC500 converting line has one distinct feature that makes it special: It runs web widths ranging from 500mm down to 100mm. In addition to this, the modular set-up makes it easy to add sections like e.g. the hot foil. So when investing in a new line, instead of having to guess about future needs - just prepare for it with the DC500. As your print-jobs change, your finishing line should not have to. The DC500 gives you huge flexibility on web sizes. The DC500 is a long-term investment for your current and future needs.



As digital label printing continues to grow, label-printing houses are realising the need for all-inclusive digital printing systems that provide value-adding features for producing fully finished labels. The DC500 from Grafisk Maskinfabrik offers the ideal solution. A complete converting and finishing unit, this product was specially created for use with digital printing presses. The DC500 can be set up as an in-line extension to a digital label printing system, allowing the web to continue directly into the converter from the digital press. It can also be used as an off-line converting and finishing unit for jobs from other digital presses or conventional presses. It can even function as a printing press for specialized value-adding solutions.

Modular platform for added flexibility
Customisable to fit your needs, depending upon the specific application.

Precision cutting to reduce waste
Print-to-cut registration in just one rotation no station; no station movement or mechanical set-up required; semi and full-rotary die cutting.

Speed and versatility
Adjustable repeat lengths from 2” - 22.5”; line speeds up to 72 meters per minute.

Varnish finishing options
UV flexo varnish station with registration; SUPER-gloss varnish capabilities.

Servo-driven web tension control
Ensures accurate processing over a wide range of substrates.

Fully customisable and upgradeable
Multiple options available to customise your system.

Easy web access and maintenance
Cantilevered design. 

The GM DC500 integrates the most advanced converting and finishing techniques available today. When used together with a digital label press, this innovative unit gives professional label printers a complete and versatile solution for high-volume digital printing.

  • Buffer for 3 minutes of operation (48 meters of storage)
  • RL14 roll lifter
  • Lamination station
  • Spot varnish (Servo registration system for spot varnish / glue / cold foil including roller)
  • Sleeve 10” – 19” for Flexo station
  • Splice table
  • Back scoring module (easy waste matrix pickup)
  • Waste compression roller
  • Extra rewind spindle
  • Ink pump
  • Hot air dryer (11.6 KW) External 1000mm / 200kg jumbo unwind
  • Shear knife station with 3 knives (replaces crush knife station)
  • Extra Flexo varnish with UV system
  • Extra full-rotary die station (for die cut or embossing)
  • Extra semi-rotary die station (for die cut or embossing)
  • 25” die instead of the standard 15” die
  • Corona treater
  • Kocher+Beck GapMaster PLUS
  • Conveyer system for sheet die cutting
  • Small external conveyer
  • Stacker for conveyer
  • Stork RSI silk screen with register system. (This includes a GEW UV lamp)
  • Sheet output module
  • Stacker
  • Extra die station
Specifications Metric Imperial
Web width 100mm - 500mm 4” - 20”
Substrate  50gsm - 200gsm  
Die Station
Semi-rotary speed 40m/min 105ft/min
Full-rotary speed 72m/min 236ft/min 
Die plate size (repeat) 50mm - 558.8mm 2” - 22”
Max Internal unwind Ø600mm 27.6”
Max Single or dual shaft rewind Ø500mm  19.7” 
Core diameter 76.2mm or 152.4mm 3” or 6”
Flexo Station
Cylinder Size (Cliché) 254mm - 482.6mm 10” - 19”
Spot varnish option
(digital sensor register control)
Slitting Station
Knife Type Pneumatic crush, shear or razor knife
Minimum distance crush 12.7mm 0,5
Minimum distance shear  10mm 0,4
Power/Air  3x400v+N+PE, 63A / 5bar
Size (WxDxH) 5.0m x 1.3m x 1.7m 
Exhaust  Ø100mm, 800m3/h. Outside


The DC330FB is designed for the high quality combination printing required in wine and spirits labels.

Provides UV flexo-varnish, die-cutting, slit and rewind on one single compact platform.

The DC330NANO is the most compact unit in GM’s series of label finishing machines.

GM offers a range of semi-automatic turret rewinds for HP INDIGO and XEIKON digital presses.