LRN18T/25T Inspection Rewinder with Inkjet Support

LRN18T/25T Inspection Rewinder with Inkjet Support

The LRN18T/25T rewinding and inspection unit is designed especially for demanding rewind jobs of high quality. The two-way rewinder has web tension control, nip and adjustable splice table with pneumatic splice clamps. It is equipped with air expansion mandrels with sleeves easily exchangeable to other sizes and can be fitted with an inkjet system. This turns the rewinder into an excellent machine for making labels, tickets, tags, forms, barcodes, cards in one process. Quicker, easier setup compared to other variable data printers.


The LRN18T/25T rewinders are prepared for mounting of inkjet or code systems as well as stroboscopes or vision systems.

Optional Equipment

  • Splice detector.
  • Extra sleeves, diameter 25-120 mm
  • Capacitive sensor for “clear on clear” labels.
  • Strobe 8 W or 30 W lamp power.
Specifications Metric
Max. web width: LRN18T: 180mm / 250mm
Max. speed
Max. unwind diameter
Max. rewind diameter
400mm, subject to web width and material
Built-in label counter
One preselection and five digits
Built-in inspection equipment
For detection of missing labels or waste matrix
Air mandrels with sleeves
Ø25mm- Ø120mm
Power / Air 200-240V+N+PE, 6A / 5 bar
Dimensions (WxH)
1.3m x 0.8m


The LR11T is a table top rewinder for fast rewinding of labels.

The LRFT-18/25 rewinders are vertical table top models with splicing table and two motor controllers

Add numbering, bar-codes on labels with uv/water inkjet